Eternal love for pastry! So … mmm, as soon as I think of it, beautiful Italy immediately comes to my mind. No other country cooks and tastes this beloved food as passionately as an Italian!

The paste carries an early story that goes back to the time of ancient Rome, exactly 100 years before Christ, when Cicero and Orazio used “soft and flat belts” made with flour and water only and which flows today. In the Middle Ages, in the distant year 1292, Marko Polo, according to some legends, brought spaghetti from China.

But some other evidence indicates that in 1154, Arab geographer Al-idrin spoke of “a meal made of flour”, otherwise called “itryah”, prepared in Trabia, Palermo. The pasta is thought to have originated in this province and was later called “maccheroni”. After 1700, it was the Neapolitan who changed the meaning of “pasta,” calling them “pasta.” Over the years, this multi-valued food has developed and spread to many other countries around the world, spreading “warm family sunday love” to every home. That is why I love pastry so much…